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How to hard reset Google Pixel 4a 5G | unlocking, restoring data

How to hard reset and factory reset Google Pixel 4a 5G. Today I will teach you how to do a hard reset of a mobile, and with that, I will also teach you how to do a mobile factory reset. Hard reset is a very easy thing for any mobile user, a mobile user will… Read More »

How to Root Google Pixel 4 XL | Without pc and with pc

How to root Google Pixel 4 XL: After rooting you get the more extra facility from your Google Pixel 4XL. I will discuss with you, how to Root Google Pixel 4XL? You will get superuser control of Google Pixel 4XL. After rooting Google Pixel 4 XL GA01181-US, G020P, G020, GA01182-US, GA01180-US your mobile will be… Read More »

google pixel 4 Hard reset factory reset unlock pattern Pin

Factory reset and Hard reset google pixel 4 for unlocking. Hard reset and factory reset need to be kept in education if you get some chance. Hard reset and factory reset reasons are basically to restore or unlock your set. If your mobile is locked you will be able to unlock with a hard reset.… Read More »

Hard reset Google pixel 3a xl factory reset unlock mobile

Hard reset Google pixel 3a xl. Hard reset and factory reset is very important for a mobile user. You need to learn it for unlocking and restoring the original data of your mobile. You will be able to fix the problem by a hard reset If your pixel 3a xl has become lock or other… Read More »