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How to root Samsung galaxy m21 without pc 3 solution

How to Root Your Samsung galaxy m21. There are many simple rules to Root and I will show these rules here. There are many reasons to root the mobile. For example, sometimes you have to root your mobile phone compulsorily and sometimes you root your mobile phone to get some benefits.

How to set up hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

how to set up Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: Today I will show you how to Setup a hotspot and it’s configuration. And also how you will get Clear hotspot internet data without dropping internet data. The hotspot is a very important part of a mobile user. Why Hotspot is very important for… Read More »

How to root Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite without pc 100% working

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite: Why you will root your Galaxy, Note10 Lite. And what are the benefits of the root? For so many reasons, your mobile must have Rooted. You can fix the network problem if your mobile has a network problem. If your Samsung Note10 Lite not supporting the OTG… Read More »

Wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy M40 – Clear hotspot setup full bandwidth

Wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy M40: Clear hotspot setup is a very important part of android mobile. I think every mobile user should learn how to use wifi and hotspot set up in mobile. After configuring hotspot you can share your mobile internet to another mobile. Todays in worlds, we can not imagine without internet. Because… Read More »

Wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy S10 – portable wifi hotspot configuration

Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Samsung Galaxy S10: Why hotspot is very important for the mobile user. How to setup and configuration hotspot in your Samsung Galaxy S10. And also how to turn on Wifi of Samsung Galaxy S10. At first, I want to say about wifi, when must use wifi, the first reason is… Read More »