Download SD Memory Card Error, Bad, or corrupted Fix, SD Card Repair

By | December 15, 2020

Download SD Memory Card Error Software: What Type SD Card, Memory Card you can Fix? Sometimes we are looking you have an SD card memory, But the memory showing some problems Such as your memory card is 32 GB, and the memory card showing 250MB. No Problem you can easily Fix the problem. And also if you looking for your memory card showing Full MB But you can not format your memory card yes the memory possible fix.

Download SD Memory Card Error

Download SD Memory Card Error

Download SD Memory Card Error #How many types to repair memory cards

There have many types to repair your memory cards. You can fix the Error or corrupted memory with your mobile And Pc. At first, you can try it with your android mobile. If your memory card is complete death and the memory card all console code is complete bad maybe the memory not possible to fix or repair.

Download SD card Repair Apps APK

You can your memory Error or bad Fix by the SD card repair software. First You need to download the Software then need to install the apps on your mobile Before must need your mobile rooted. Without rooting your mobile you can not fix the memory. Repair SD card memory With your mobile very easily. Every mobile user can do it by android mobile. (Download SD Memory Card Error Software)

Download SD card Error or corrupted memory Fixer 

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With computer Fix your Error or bad SD card

  1. First, click start menu All Programs>> Accessories>>Command Prompt (in shortcut= Window button+R and type CMD).
  2. After showing Command Prompt on your screen Then Type Diskpart and Enter then click yes.
  3. Now Type List Disk then enter.
  4. Then You will show your memory card status on the upside show how much size your memory and also your hard disk size also.
  5. Now Type Select Disk 2 and enter (note: you must cheek your disk number if 2 your number then you type 2 if 3 then type 3 if another number.
  6. After enter see the message Disk 2 is now the selected disk.
  7. Now type Clean then enter.
  8. Again message will show Diskpart succeeded in cling the disk.
  9. Now Click the Right button on My computer or computer.
  10. Then Click Manage>>Disk Managment>> then mouse right click on  Disk 2 Remobeable>>New Simple Volume>> next>>Next>>Next>>Finish.
  11. Then complete Done your memory card.
  12. Now you can use your memory card now your SD memory card Fixed And as a new memory.

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