How to hard reset LG Wing 5G | factory reset, master format

By | October 7, 2020

How to hard reset LG Wing 5G. Hard reset is a very important part to solve any problem by it. There are so many problems that you can fix by doing a hard reset. Hard reset always helps you not to go to a mobile mechanic for some problem. Yes, almost 80% mobile problem you will be able to solve by a hard reset.How to hard reset LG Wing 5G

Now you should know what type of mobile problem you can fix by doing a hard reset. If your mobile is locked you have forgotten the lock, you can unlock the mobile by using a hard reset. Sometimes, you may have noticed that Apps error problem massage is coming on display so you can easily solve the problem by doing a hard reset. Also, you can solve the mobile slow problem with it. Not only it but also you will be able to fix the similar other problems.

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Why Need Hard reset LG Wing 5G

Ther are many reasons for hard reset a mobile already I have told about this on up. Also again telling here that is to unlock the mobile lock if you have forgotten the lock. To fix the mobile slow problem, fix the Apps error massage. mobile memory full problem solution etc

Before Hard Reset LG Wing 5G

Before hard reset the LG Wing 5G it is really important that you make sure that your mobile battery charge is 80%. Backup all important data from your mobile such as mobile contact no, image, and other important things. Because, after doing a hard reset your mobile you will lose the all-important data forever.

How Hard Reset LG Wing 5G

  1. First Turn off your mobile (By press the Power button).
  2. Press (Volume Down, Power Button) For 10 Second And release all button when Android recovery mode sees on display.
  3. Then select YES and to confirm it press the Power button. and again select yes and to confirm it press the Power buttonLg hard reset
  4. After that, successfully completed.

Factory reset or restore your  LG Wing 5 G

  1. At first Turn on your mobile press the power button.
  2. Go to Setting and General option.
  3. Therefore tap on the Backup & reset option.
  4. And then tap on Factory data reset
  5. After that tap on Reset Phone
  6. And then tap on Delete All to clear all user data
  7. Now your LG Wing 5G factory reset is completely done

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How to Soft Reset

A soft reset is very simple a thing but it is also very important timely. basically why we are using the soft reset for a mobile. if your mobile has hung during use the mobile and you can not turn off manually press by the power button, you should be used soft reset to fix the problem. How to soft reset an android mobile? after hanging the mobile just press together the Volume down button and power button.

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