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By | November 6, 2017

Lower back pain: There may be the pain in the back due to heavy reasons for the heavyweight, which is why you have pain on your waist or have problems with your arthritis. Whatever the cause, the problem is that you are suffering from lower back pain. A recent study found that 1 in 4 people in America suffers from lower back pain. Nearly all people have been affected by the lower back pain in life. There are no specific remedies. You can stay good by taking some steps.

Lower back pain Let’s know about its remedies.

  1. Do not sit still The most common reason for lower back painting is the type of wrong way to sit. Pain arises due to joints, muscles, and pressure on the discharge. So sit straight at home or home.Increase the endorphin emissions
  2. Endorphin is a type of hormone that can reduce the pain. Endorphins impede pain to send the feeling of pain to the brain. Also, endorphin relieves anxiety, depression, and depression related to the chronic back pain. Aerobic exercise and meditation to increase the insertion of this endorphin.
  3. Need adequate sleep Two-thirds of patients with back pain are seen to have sleep problems. Those who suffer from insomnia, their back pain can be seen to be excessive. Just treating the pain will not be able to get out of this evil cycle. If there is a sleep problem then he will have to be treated first.

The benefits of taking cold therapy are – it works like local anesthesia to reduce the pain by reducing the inflammation and reducing the pain of nerve.

The advantage of taking hot therapy is that it stimulates the blood flow, which brings pain relief material back to the body and obstructs the pain of reaching the brain.

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back pain relief Some tips-

  1. Use the sandal with a high heel.
  2. Continue carrying or sending heavy things.
  3. Avoid thinking of getting better overnight using the different expensive equipment.
  4. always Try to lose your weight.
  5. If you have a habit of smoking, leave it.
  6. Do not be frustrated by the fact that this disease is going to a very serious stage (read the need for surgery and injection). Because most of the lower back pains last for a very short period of time and can be cured by exercising the proper method of exercising and sitting.

Exercise will remove the back pane


Lower back pain

Lower back pain

Stretching can reduce back pain by exercising. However, the rules will be adjusted to make regular strokes.

* This exercise can be done to reduce the low back pain. At first stand straight in front of the stairs. Put the right foot in the third step of the stairs. Then take the spine straight ahead and move towards the head knees. Come back again from this situation for 15-20 minutes. Take the left foot forward. Do the same again. But keep in mind, do not take too much time. It can cause damage.

* This exercise for mid-back pens. Put your hands under the knees and put your arms in front of the chest. Come back to this situation for a few seconds. Take rest.

* Stand straight on the ground. You can leave the light on the two feet to get the balance. Then try to touch the head with your head. Put two hands on two knees in the knee and down the side of the support. Then remove the hand. Come back in straight condition from this situation for 20 seconds. Take a break for a while.

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Do more for relief pain

* Do not sit in the office for a long time. Occasionally, walk a little. Try using wooden or plastic chairs, avoiding mattress chairs.

* Tighten heavy items can be back penned. Do not do this too much time. Occasionally take rest.

* Sit down and keep your waist straight while sitting on the chair. For this reason, one or two small cushions can sit in the lower part of the waist. The waist will remain straight in it.

* One leg can stand on one side with a small tool or something high. Feel comfortable at it.

* If you have been sitting in a train or car for long periods, then the shaking pain increases. For a long journey, wait for one hour or so after rest and take some rest.

* After getting down from the train-bus without restraining luggage, rest for some time in the muscles of the waist. It will be good to have your waist.

* Practice sleeping in a tight bed. In this, the whole body gets support, as well as decreasing the pressure in the lower spines. It’s hard to say a tough bed but not wood, but the cloth we use is going to be the same.

* Listen or be scratched. But do not fall down The waist is curved and the lower spine pressure can increase the pain. If you hear tears, you can sleep with a pillow in between two knees. It will have waist support.

* Pressure on the waist to increase extra weight increases the waist pain. Reduce for this extra weight.

If the lower back pain of pain is 1 to 2 weeks, and if you feel weakness or numbness in your legs, or have difficulty standing or walking, then show the doctor.

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