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Over the past years, faux plants have become a favorite choice for those who are planning to decorate their households or their outdoors. As it is a very popular decor item, many questions arise in the fake plant owners’ minds.

One of those questions is- What is the best way to clean artificial plants? The answer to this question may vary. Because after all, it is a subjective matter. Therefore, in this article, we aim to share some ways of cleaning artificial plants with you & then we shall mention which one we think is the best among them.
Let us get started!

Wipe every leaf method

The ‘wipe every leaf’ method involves wiping off all of the leaves of any fake plant. It is indeed the most straightforward way of cleaning your artificial tree or plants. You will only require a microfiber cloth for this cleaning process.

First of all, dampen the cloth & then wipe down every leaf of your plant, one by one. You may have to wash your dusty cloth with cool water several times in between the cleaning process for large-sized plants. Simply run the cloth under cool water till it’s apparently dirt-free. After that, squeeze out the extra water & continue to wipe & clean your plant in the same fashion.

Vinegar trick

The second method on our list is the ‘vinegar method’. This method is for those plants that have developed stubborn grime that is not willing to go away. For this method, you will need the same things that you needed for the previous trick with just one extra item & that is ‘vinegar’. First of all, take a bowl and fill 3/4th of it with water & vinegar & mix them well. The amount of water & vinegar should be equal. When the mixture is ready, put it inside a spray bottle. After that, spray this mixture on your dirty plants. When spraying is complete, wipe your plant leaf by leaf with a microfiber cloth.

It is a good idea to let the mixture stay on the plants for a couple of minutes so that it can loosen the tough dirt on the plants. This way, it will be easier for you to clean the plant. And one more thing, if you do not have a spray bottle with you, just dampen your microfiber cloth with the mixture, squeeze out the excess mixture from it & wipe your plant down one leaf at a time.

shower method

What is the best way to clean artificial plants is? The third way on our list to clean your artificial plants is a traditional one. It is the shower method. You will have to start with ‘dusting’. To do this, you will have to take your plant to your balcony or outdoors & dust off its leaves. You can use a microfiber duster or a paintbrush to do this job. After you have dusted off your plant, take it inside again & go to your washroom.

Now, take a garbage bag & wrap it around any part of the plant that you do not want to get in touch with water. Start your shower & place your plant under it. Now wash every part of your plant with cool water. When you are done with the washing, use a towel, or set it outside in the shade to dry it.

What is the best way to clean artificial plants – Extra tip

If you have silk flowers that have become dusty, this extra tip is going to be just for you. As we all know, silk flowers are soft. Liquid cleaning can harm their color & overall appearance. In this case, we need an alternative technique to clean them. And dry cleaning is what we need. So, you will need half a cup of salt or half a cup of cornmeal for this dry cleaning trick.
Take a large-sized ziplock bag & put that cornmeal or salt inside. Now, put your silk flowers inside the bag. If the flowers do not fit, separate their stems & leaves if possible. After that, close the zip bag & start shaking the bag gently. Do this with every part of your silk flowers until you are satisfied with the results.


What is the best way to clean artificial plants is? Dear reader, you have come to the end of our article. We have discussed three ways to clean your artificial plants. And among these three methods, our personal favorite is the second one that is the vinegar method, as it ensures a good cleaning for your plants. If you know of any other ways to clean artificial plants, please do share them with us.

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