Wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy S10 – portable wifi hotspot configuration

By | April 10, 2019

Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Samsung Galaxy S10: Why hotspot is very important for the mobile user. How to setup and configuration hotspot in your Samsung Galaxy S10. And also how to turn on Wifi of Samsung Galaxy S10. At first, I want to say about wifi, when must use wifi, the first reason is before update your Samsung Galaxy S10 or The time of the apps update. there has a more cause. 1. When your Samsung Galaxy S10 looked by FRP google account, the lock you can reset with pc by wifi internet, And also before root, your Samsung galaxy S10 first need wifi internet if your root by mobile.

Wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy S10 gsm

Wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy S10 gsm

And also if your mobile sim has no internet data then you can use the internet by wifi. Now I am sharing about the hotspot. When you want to make personal wireless local area internet. Personal wireless local area internet means you can share internet data from your Samsung Galaxy S10 to other any device. So let’s start how to turn on wifi and how to configure hotspot set up in Samsung Galaxy S10.

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Why wifi hotspot is important to see again

First, you should before turn on wifi and hotspot configuration of Samsung Galaxy S10  take some basic knowledge. Now I will discuss you what is the cause of how you get a lot of benefits from this. Some of the devices have no SIM card slot or you can not use SIM. For browsing the internet those mobile or other devices in which device no SIM card, for those device needs wifi internet. For update any mobile device firmware wifi internet is safe. And remove FRP lock and for root mobile device with won mobile must need wifi internet. Wifi internet is faster than sim data internet that’s a way maybe every internet user like wifi internet it. Wifi internet has many facilities together many users can use the internet from one device to another all device.

Now the question is what is hotspot configuration and how to give us benefits it. Hotspot is a local area internet. You can make local area internet with your Samsung Galaxy S10Servicing the internet to another mobile or device first, you have to configure hotspot in Samsung Galaxy S10. I think hotspot is a very important part of the internet user. Witch mobile no has SIM data or SIM not supported for those mobile or device you can use the internet from hotspot device. Now let see how to configure hotspot in Samsung Galaxy S10

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How to Wifi Hotspot setup configure on Samsung Galaxy S10

  1. First, go to the main menu by touch on display and slide upside.
  2. After that go to settings option.
  3. And then touch connection.
  4. After that touch mobile Mobile hotspot and tethering.
  5. Now touch mobile hotspot. ( touch and slide there get enable or disable)
  6. After enabling the hotspot and again touch mobile hotspot.
  7. Now you can change the network name and change password from here.
  8. After complete all now you turn on internet data if you want to share your mobile internet data with other mobile
  9. Now you successful.

How to Internet access from your mobile to other mobile

After Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Samsung Galaxy S10. Now ready local area internet to service to another mobile. From other mobile turns on Wifi and when see your Samsung Galaxy S10 wifi show on there tap on this. After that give the password and give correct password then you can use the internet from another mobile. You are done now

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