Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Oppo A3 create better internet local area

By | June 21, 2018

Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Oppo A3: What is the hotspot and why hotspot is needed? Hotspot is internet data sharing by WIfi. For example, you can share internet data from your mobile to another mobile with wifi. And wifi hotspots is very faster and hi-speed up, you get very faster internet data in this way. So now I will share with you how can easily use the hotspot wifi data from one mobile to another mobile, And I think this is very value able for all mobile user. Maybe some mobile user doesn’t know about the wifi hotspots. you can be solved more work by wifi hotspots very easily, Some of the mobile device locks must need wifi hotspot to complete your work. Wifi hotspots is very easy I think every person can use it for every internet place

Wifi Hotspot

Wifi Hotspot

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How to use wifi hotspot Configure on Oppo A3

Now I will show you step by step how to Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Oppo A3. Wifi hotspots are common needed thinks for all mobile or other internet users. Some of the devices have must need hotspot such as for active device or reset password or FRP lock. The hotspot best advantage is from one device many internet users can use internet together. I think Wifi hotspot is better data sharing. Now you should know for which work must need the hotspot? Such as some of the mobiles or tab or other device has no SIM card supported for that device you have to just use wifi hotspot. Now and days almost mobile user-facing FRP lock problem, you can solve the problem by wifi hotspots very easily.

From one mobile start hotspot, many internet users can use internet data together from the hotspot device by wifi turn on. Must check when you turn on Hotspot from your device that time must turn off wifi other ways hotspot not working.

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How to Wifi Hotspot setup and Configure on Oppo A3

  1. First, Turn on your Oppo A3 mobile.
  2. After that go to setting option.
  3. And then touch More.
  4. After that touch mobile tethering & Portable Hotspot.
  5. Now touch setup wifi hotspot.
  6. Now you can change the network name and change password from here.
  7. After complete all now touch Portable hotspot Toggle to turn on of off hotspot from your mobile.
  8. Now you successful.

How to Internet data share from your mobile to other mobile

After Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Oppo A3. It is very easy to use hotspots from one mobile to another. And how easy it can be, I will show you now. And for this, first turn on the hotspot of your mobile and turn on Internet data and turn off Wifi. After that turn on wifi from other mobile phones. After starting Wi-Fi, connect the hotspot mobile. Then you can use the internet from another mobile.


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