Wifi Hotspot setup configure on Samsung Galaxy S9 – easy portable WiFi

By | April 4, 2018

Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Samsung Galaxy S9: Now the talk is what is the hotspot? Hotspot is its data sharing one to other. For example, you can share data with any mobile to other devices through WiFi hotspot. And the best thing to do is, you can share internet data with the hotspot, and its internet speed is very faster. And now I will say that you have the option of the hotspot on your mobile, and whose value is too much for you. Maybe you do not know that. The reason for this is that with the help of hotspots you can do a lot of work, which you will have many problems to do in other ways. Hotspot is very easy to use so I think everyone needs to learn to use it.

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for which work need the wifi hotspot

Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Samsung Galaxy S9 see from step by step. Almost have many reasons, why hotspots are used. And there are some devices that you can not work without hotspots. Again there is a lot of work; you can not do without the hotspot. And I think, for the work, the hotspot is much better. Now I will discuss what those tasks are?  First of all, I want to say that if your mobile does not support SIM, you can run the internet by hotspot if you have wifi. Now, almost showing the problem of FRP lock on mobile,

it can be solved by hotspot. And if you can use the hotspot together at the same time, lots of bandwidth can be open. And if too many friends can use hotspots outside the open time of the chat. And if, together, many friends can use hotspots during chat hours. Using the Hotspot in the same office or home, you can use the Internet to create a local area network.

Wifi Hotspot setup configure

Wifi Hotspot setup configure

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How to Wifi Hotspot setup configure on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. First, go to the main menu by touch on display and slide upside.
  2. After that go to setting option.
  3. And then touch connection.
  4. After that touch mobile hotspot and tethering.
  5. Now touch mobile hotspot. ( touch and slide there get enable or disable)
  6. After enabling the hotspot and again touch mobile hotspot.
  7. Now you can change the network name and change password from here.
  8. After complete all now you turn on internet data if you want to share your mobile internet data with other mobile
  9. Now you successful.

How to Internet access from your mobile to other mobile

after Wifi Hotspot setup Configure on Samsung Galaxy S9. It is very easy to use hotspots from one mobile to another. And how easy it can be, I will show you now. And for this, first turn on the hotspot of your mobile and turn on Internet data and turn off Wifi. After that turn on wifi from other mobile phones. After starting Wi-Fi, connect the hotspot mobile. Then you can use the internet from another mobile.


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